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Terra-Petra welcomes Josh Heidt, senior waterproofing consultant and expert

January 29, 2015

Josh Heidt Senior Waterproofing ConsultantTerra-Petra is very excited to welcome Josh Heidt  aboard to continue our expansion of our building waterproofing division.

Prior to coming on board with us in late 2014, he started his career in the late 1980s working as a manufacturer’s sales representative for the Mirafi brand, which manufactures 15 different types of geocomposite drainage panels along with a cold and hot fluid applied system, blind side systems and more.

Over the last 25 years Joshn has provided building waterproofing consulting on specific waterproofing systems: below grade, under slab, between-slab, permeable and non-permeable air and vapor barriers, roof decks, vegetative roof applications, pools on podiums over occupied space, compatibility issues with different products, the detailing of area drains, pipe penetrations, waterproofing tie-ins and much more.

Read more about Josh Heidt on our website.

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Terra-Petra

December 24, 2014

This year, we celebrate the continued growth of our environmental engineering firm… from Los Angeles, to San Francisco to our latest office in New York City!  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on so many amazing projects and with so many incredible companies…from the west coast to the east coast and in many states in between.

Below are a few photo highlights of our team enjoying a great dinner and good company at Tam O’Shanter in Glendale, California on December 18th…Terra-Petra’s annual holiday bash was a great success.

Cheers to a great year and to the New Year ahead!

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Veteran’s Day Spotlight: John Conaway, PE

November 11, 2014
John Conaway - 1966

John Conaway – 1966

Terra-Petra’s Professional Engineer (PE Civil) and Vietnam Veteran, John R. Conaway has over 40 years of experience in project supervision, development, evaluation, training, and safety. He has earned a reputation for his expertise in design and inspection of methane mitigation systems and waterproofing for commercial and residential structures. John has worked with solid waste disposal, environmental engineering, managing road and facility maintenance and construction, permitting, project engineering and design in California, Nevada, and North Carolina.

This impressive and expansive career track started when John received a draft notice in late 1965, when the military presence started to increase in Viet Nam. On July 28, 1965, during a noontime press conference, President Johnson announced that he would send 44 additional combat battalions to Vietnam increasing the U.S. military presence to 125,000 men. Monthly draft calls were doubled from 17,000 to 35,000. “I have asked the commanding general, General Westmoreland, what more he needs to meet this mounting aggression,” Johnson said. “…we will meet his needs. We cannot be defeated by force of arms. We will stand in Vietnam.”

He further commented “…I do not find it easy to send the flower of our youth, our finest young men, into battle. I have spoken to you today of the divisions and the forces and the battalions and the units, but I know them all, every one. I have seen them in a thousand streets, of a hundred towns, in every state in this union-working and laughing and building, and filled with hope and life. I think I know, too, how their mothers weep and how their families sorrow.”

Instead of going into the army, as he had expected, John went into the US Marine Corps, and served from Jan. 1966 to Jan. 1968. He received his training at Camp Pendleton, California, and was later transferred to Camp Lejeune, NC. One of the highlights of his service was being selected to run the supply department on a 3-month “Caribbean cruise.” During the cruise, his ship broke down, allowing him to spend several weeks in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The photo,of John above was taken after during war games in November 1966 on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. He achieved the rank of sergeant in 18 months, which was a record time for getting to the rank of E-5.

Although he came close several times, John was able to avoid being sent to fight on the front lines in Vietnam, although he is still considered a Vietnam-era vet.


A Veteran’s Day Spotlight: Honoring Eduardo Rangel, Terra-Petra’s own Hero

November 11, 2014
Eduardo Rangel - Terra-Petra Deputy Methane Barrier Inspector

Eduardo Rangel – Terra-Petra Deputy Methane Barrier Inspector

Today, on this Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2014, we honor those who have served to protect our great nation. One of those happens to be Terra-Petra’s own Eduard Rangel, who joined the Terra-Petra team in February of 2013 as a registered Deputy Methane Barrier Inspectors (DMBI) in the City of Los Angeles. Eduardo obtained an Associate Degree in construction inspection at Mt. San Antonio College. He was previously enlisted in the U.S. Army for five years at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He is certified for the inspection of all LADBS approved methane/waterproofing barriers, including Tremco Paraseal GM/LG, Cetco Liquid Boot and Coreflex, Tremco Barrier Solutions VaporLock-M, Epro Ecoline-S, among others.

While we think Eduardo is pretty heroic in the world of methane mitigation and environmental engineering, we are even more proud to be working with one of our nation’s true heroes. He is someone who, quite literally, put his life on the line to serve and protect our great nation. Thus we are even more proud to report that In 2007 and 2010, Eduardo Rangel received two prestigious awards from the Army which highlighted his commitment to excellence and love of his country.

In 2007, SPC Eduardo Rangel received a wartime award for valor and heroism from the US Army for “exceptional veterans day spotlight terra-petrameritorious service while deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. SPC Rangel’s personal courage and commitment to mission accomplishment in a combat zone, under the most extreme circumstances, greatly contributed to the success of Operation Enduring Freedom. SPC Rangel’s performance reflects great credit upon him, combined task force fury, combined Joint Task Force-82 and the United States Central Command.”

Eduard’s superiors highlighted the fact that he exhibited “courage under fire” in Shavak Afghanistan, and in the Paktia, Poli-alarm, and Logar provinces of Afghanistan while conducting combat patrols. He laid down heavy suppressive fire for his platoon members engaging the enemy. As the enemy attacked several times via well-organized ambushes, SPC Rangel remained calm while taking commands and calling out enemy distance and description. He participated in over 100 combat mounted and dismounted patrol missions in these Paktia, Poli-alarm, and Logar provinces of Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom VIII. His tireless efforts, knowledge, and willingness to give resulted in accomplishment of all of his assigned missions covering thousands of miles of rugged terrain throughout all three provinces.

The second citation was awarded to Eduardo in 2010 for “meritorious service as a combat engineer while assigned to Eduardo Rangel - Terra-Petra Deputy Methane Barrier InspectorAlpha Company, 508th Special Troops Battalion from 04 March 2006 to 01, November 2010.” The citation goes on to state: “SPC Rangel’s technical and tactical competence, combined with his dedication to duty set the example for others to follow. His attention to detail and selfless service inspired every paratrooper to achieve success.  His performance reflects great credit upon himself, Alpha Company, 508th Special Troops Battalion, The 82nd Airborne Division, and the United States Army.

One of the achievements highlighted in the award document outlines how Specialist Rangel was deployed to West Point NY where he was assisted in the training of over 120 Cadets in Demolitions and Urban Breaching Techniques. He was also a part of two deployments to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) at Fort Polk, LA. During the JRTC deployment, he was key to his Platoon’s ability to conduct Route Clearance and Sanitation Operations. He mentored and instructed the Platoon on numerous techniques, tactics and proceedures…often citing personal experiences.

One might agree, upon reading about Eduardo Rangel’s accomplishments with the U.S. Army, that he is a perfect fit for Terra-Petra and all that we do to help protect people from harmful environmental issues. As a combat engineer and team leader, Eduardo developed valuable skills in training and mentoring team members, which provide a tremendous amount of experience to Terra-Petra’s inspection team. We are honored to have this true hero on our team!

Happy Veteran’s Day to Eduardo Rangel and all men and women who have served and who continue to service the United States of America.


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