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Due Diligence Search for a reported abandoned Oil Well

July 9, 2010

Terra-Petra was recently called out to go through a “Due Diligence Search” for a reported abandoned “Oil Well” on the historic Los Angeles Farmers Market site.  This issue came to our attention via the Farmers Market management that as there was an indication on an old California State DOGGR map that there was an Oil Well on the site.  Through our expertise, tools and instruments, we concluded that NO Oil Well existed on the LA Farmer Market site–which actually supports the fact that many of these old DOGGR maps just aren’t as correct as they were once thought to be! While these maps might accurate with respect to an Oil Well being in the general vicinity, they are not always correct with respect to the actual location identified on the DOGGR map.  The Division of Oil Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) maps were produced many years ago–well before the computer age.  Prior to computers, everything was measured by hand and transferred to a drafting table for mapping –which then also provided plenty of opportunity for error(s).

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