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30/10 Initiative Generates Excitement for the Los Angeles Economy Recovery

August 19, 2010

The Los Angeles Chamber Meeting (August 17th) agenda was about the updating on the “Port of Los Angeles” projects. It was very informative and constructive.  Attendees ranged from Developers, Engineering firms and Elevator Manufacturers to Realtors and small local entrepreneurs.  Congresswoman Laura Richardson lead off the meeting with an overview of local projects and future projects going in front of the board.

She emphasized the big push for driving the 30/10 Initiative.  The program will essentially condense projects that were originally slated to go on for 30 years down to a 10 year plan.  While this initiative is extremely aggressive, Richardson was very excited about it and the benefits associated with the plan.  It will create not only benefit for the local job market, but also provide major infrastructure value as the movement of goods and services will become much more efficient, making our two local ports (Los Angeles and Long Beach) very competitive. Richardson is very passionate about her role, and I believe that with her enthusiasm and role in government this program will be very successful.

Kaylynn Kim, who was appointed to the board of LA Harbor Commissioners in 2005,  was also present to give updates on certain specific projects, and the expected local impact.  Kaylynn did a great job going over a short Power Point that described the numerical values associated with certain projects (cost and benefit).  The overall focus was the positive impact of creating local jobs to support the improved infrastructure.  The number that stood out, was that the City is currently spending over $1M per day on the overall Capital Improvement plan for the ports.  This is just the beginning…

With both of these exceptional leaders involved, these programs should be in good hands! Watch out Angelenos, Laura Richardson and Kaylynn Kim will be instrumental in getting our economic recovery into high gear!

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