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Consistent Design Success Relies on Exceptional Inspectors

September 24, 2010

The success of a Terra-Petra Methane Gas Mitigation and/or Waterproofing Design is based in large part on the competency and diligence of our Deputy Inspectors in the field to recognize any potential problems.

We take pride in the extra effort we put in on the design front to foresee any construction considerations that may have an impact on the installation of these systems and address them at that time. However, not all problems can be considered while designing these systems.

There are many matters that inevitably come up during construction that can not be anticipated. These usually appear in the form of an RFI (Request for Information). This is where we rely heavily on our Field Inspectors for support. Our inspectors are trained and certified in all matters relative to the methane mitigation and waterproofing systems they are inspecting.

Additionally, each inspector is expected to carry a general understanding of the more traditional construction methods (and some non-traditional ones as well). We believe that this universal knowledge provides our inspectors with the ability to review the specific job conditions and effectively relay this information to our design team so that we can respond quickly and efficiently.

It’s our goal is to always make sure that there are no delays on the projects we head up and thanks to our Field Inspectors we stay on schedule.

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