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State Bid Submittal Process–a process, yes, but we want more of these opportunities!

October 4, 2010

Prepared a Bid Submittal end of last week for a Groundwater Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis Project in Northern California.

The process of testing groundwater for Ammonia Nitrogen, Electrical Conductivity, pH levels, Nitrate Nitrogen, Total Coliform Organisms and Total Dissolved Solids as outlined in the Request For Proposal (RFP) is straightforward enough for us. Our Registered Environmental Assessor and our Registered Engineering Geologist have had extensive experience performing this type of monitoring.  What isn’t as desirable is going through the process of submitting a formal bid on a State of California Funded project, WOW what a process!

We try to write our proposals to be concise. They typically aren’t longer than one or two pages. Our proposal for this project would have been right inline with the others, except that we had to meet all the States requirements as outlined on their Bid Submittal Checklist.

After we filled out, signed and including a litany of certifications, insurances and forms, including: STD 213, STD 204, OBS 550, OBS 551, OBS 552, OBS 553, OBS 1500, DGS/PD 526, STD 843 as well as the Contractor Certification Clauses, THIS proposal totaled 30 pages.

The entire process took a better part of 3 days to complete. Terra-Petra hasn’t historically pursued many government-funded projects as the process is long and tedious. However,  having learned a lot from submitting this particular bid, we wouldn’t object to pursuing another government-funded project as long as it is in line with our core strengths of Environmental Engineering.

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