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Update on the Sears Commercial Facility Project in Ukiah

October 18, 2010

Smoke test being conducted at subslab soil gas barrier membrane.

The 16,000 sq. ft. Sears Commercial Facility in Ukiah, CA is under construction and on schedule.

Membrane corrections discovered during smoke test being made.

The General Contractor, Chico based Guillon Construction, elected to use “tilt-upconstruction” –which is so often employed on these large footprint commercial facilities.

One of the first stages of tilt-up construction, structurally speaking, is to pour the building slab. The building walls are typically formed and poured directly on this slab.  With the slab pour scheduled in the next week or so, Terra-Petra Inspection Supervisor Dan Valdez was recently on-site to inspect the installation of the under slab Soil Gas Barrier Membrane.

The skill of the approved membrane applicator and the efforts put forth by the General Contractor allowed for the membrane to be installed without a hitch. Dan was able to conduct a visual inspection and witness the smoke testing of the membrane.

After verifying the integrity of the membrane, he gave the okay to place the membrane protection course.  Later he met with the Guillon’s superintendent to discuss means and methods for controlling the other trades activities on the membrane to reduce damage.

Blue Polyolefin Protection Course being installed over approved membrane.

Terra-Petra is scheduled to return to the site, before the concrete pour, to make sure that there has been no damage.

16,000 sq ft Membrane installed with protection course (Blue Plastic)

Rebar and styrofoam form work being placed over membrane protection course.

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