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Solving Unique Sediment Remediation Challenges

October 30, 2010

Terra-Petra traveled to San Francisco to attend Remediation University on October 21st.  It was the 6th Semi-Annual Remediation University which focused on Solving Unique Sediment Remediation Challenges.

The seminar consisted of a comprehensive educational curriculum designed to give practical and useful guidance to environmental professionals encountering sites with contaminated soil conditions. Through case studies and analysis from top industry professionals, the topics included:

  • Subaqueous active capping of contaminated sediments
  • In-situ technologies that allow active materials to be placed into subaqueous sediment caps
  • Use of marine mattresses for simplified construction and protection in highly erosive conditions
  • Eliminating the need for costly and thick sand caps
  • Absorptive additives for Portland cement-based solidification/stabilization
  • Unique solutions used for in-situ or ex-situ treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater


The seminar was very technical as well as informative and it gave us an opportunity to network with some of our partners in the field of Environmental Engineering.  Since the seminar was held in San Francisco, we traveled north to stop in on our Twin Cities Police Headquarters project to witness the progress in person (photos are included in the earlier post!).  We also sit down with the Senior Environmental Health Specialist with the County of Marin Environmental Health Services to talk about the state of environmental affairs throughout his county.

All in all it was a productive trip.

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