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Terra-Petra now certified to provide Radon Gast Testing Services under the NEHA-NRPP

December 7, 2010

Terra-Petra is now certified under NEHA –NRPP to test for Radon Gas

We have the in-house technology to test for Radon down to the smallest levels. 

The NEHA National Radon Proficiency Program is the leading certification program for radon professionals in North America. 

Radon is a carcinogenic gas that is hazardous to inhale. Build-up of radon in homes is a health concern and many lung cancer cases are attributed to radon exposure each year. About 12% of lung cancers and more than 20,000 Americans die of radon-related lung cancer each year. The Surgeon General of the United States issued a Health Advisory in 2005 about the health risk from exposure to radon in indoor air.

Radon can be found in all areas the U.S., not just Los Angeles or other major cities.

Radon comes from the natural (radioactive) breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water and gets into the air you breathe. It can get into any type of building – homes, offices, and schools or other commercial buildings and produce high indoor radon levels.

Read more on our website:

We will soon be launching a new blog that will cover updates and stories about Radon— one of our country’s if not the world’s most prominent “hidden health hazards.”

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