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Our oil well vent cone system was successfully installed for LAFD

April 4, 2011

Terra-Petra’s Deputy Methane Barrier Inspector Daniel Valdez, along with the Los Angeles Fire Department’s (LAFD) Inspector Jennifer Boscoe were on site to witness the successful installation of the oil well vent cone system that we designed per the requirements of the LAFD and at the recommendation of the Division of Oil Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR). The code requires any abandoned oil wells within a certain distance of a structure (new or existing) to be fitted with a vent cone to provide for the collection and discharge of potential methane gas to a safer location. In this case the vent riser will end at the roof of the new structure. Attached are some photos of the vent cone installation. This is the second successful vent cone installation we have seen in the past two weeks. Upon completion of each installation Terra-Petra provides the owner and LAFD with a Certification Letter stamped and signed by our Registered Engineer.

Abandoned Oil Well Casing inside vent cone

Gravel being placed inside vent coneVent Cone cap placed and sealed with sealant

Oil Well Vent Cone installed with vent riser

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