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Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering is national…it’s official!

May 13, 2011

Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering has grown up and blossomed in the Southern California market.  In just five very short years, we’ve expanded our methane/soil gas, brownfield, oil field, vapor intrusion, radon and building waterproofing services (waterproofing is now under the roof of our sister-company, Building Waterproofing Experts since December 2010) from the Southern California market on up to the Central Coast and into Northern California.  Soon after expanding into the Northern California market, we quickly grew into the Texas and Michigan markets.  Exciting stuff!

Terra-Petra is now positioned to be able to finally leverage our experience, know-how and success with methane, brownfield and landfill mitigation design and consulting into twelve (12) states outside of the California market–given the level of success we have had in the Los Angeles region alone.

In addition to Michigan and Texas, we officially launched our full range of services into the New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia market areas as of May 1st.  We are planning to go into another seven strategic territories by end of 2011 and early 2012.  Details on our website: 

Demand for our environmental engineer services has exploded in many states recently–mostly due to the continued tightening of state requirements, and institutional liability concerns that need to be addressed in major market regions.  If there are any doubts about contamination issues, Executive Managers are opting to pay for our ability to guide them through the process.  It’s simply too risky anymore not to get professional help with environmental engineering issues.

Stay tuned for more details and up dates on projects we are working on throughout the country.

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