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Good meetings with Stantec and ET Environmental re: teaming up on current and future projects…

October 21, 2011

The Terra-Petra Senior Management team took a west coast trip from Los Angeles to Vancouver to meet with Stantec, Inc. (and environmental consulting organization that operates throughout North America).

The meeting was very productive, as we discovered one another’s capabilities in the environmental engineering space.  I am excited to move forward to collaborate on more projects in the future.

As of now Stantec is looking to Terra-Petra to provide consulting and engineering services on a project in Vancouver that has significant contamination issues.  We’re looking at contamination issues stemming from a closed down gas station across the street from the project site that has affected about 25% of that subject property.  We discussed a variety of options for this project and walked away with a very good understanding of the developers needs with respect to risk and costs.

The Stantec team was surprised at how much ability and service Terra-Petra can bring to this project.


On our way back from Vancouver, the Terra-Petra Senior Management team stopped on Portland Oregon to visit ET Environmental.

Terra-Petra has been in discussions with ET Environmental for some time now with regard to a large solid waste transfer station project in California.

We have a fantastic working relationship with ET Environmental as we have worked on a variety of projects with them in the past.

Kevin Buchanan

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