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Update on the Hope Street Family Center Project in Los Angeles

December 14, 2011

The Hope Street Family Center, a community outreach benefit program of California Hospital Medical Center, is moving its childhood education, literacy, and social services to a brand new building.  The Center has undergone construction of a new 25,500 square foot building since Spring of 2011. It will soon be located across the street from its old home in downtown Los Angeles in 2012!

Located at 1600 Hope street on the southeast corner of Hope Street and Venice Blvd, the new building will include a community wellness and recreation center, child development center and outdoor play area, multipurpose sports court, including a community basketball court and soccer field, green space and walking path and children’s play space. The center has been designed by Abode Communities a non-profit design company dedicated to building affordable housing in Southern California.

Smoke testing the Liquid Boot-500 methane barrier

As a consultant of Abode Communities we prepared the sub slab methane gas mitigation plans and we are also carrying out the deputy methane barrier inspection of the methane gas mitigation system.  Methane barrier inspection is required by the city of Los Angeles to verify the installation of the system.  Our Deputy Methane Barrier Inspector Richard McClanahan was on site to continuously inspect the installation of the methane gas mitigation system.

Installed by Gergen Construction, the methane gas mitigation system consists of perforated vent pipe in a gravel filled trench and covered with two inches of sand. The sand acts as travel material that allows any methane to travel to the vent pipes that in turn collects the methane and vents it through vent pipe risers up to through the roof and above the building.

Over the sand layer is a 60 mil layer of Liquid Boot-500.  The Liquid Boot-500 is the methane gas barrier and is used to prevent any methane gas from passing through the concrete slab and into the building.

Two inch sand layer ready for the Liquid Boot-500 layer

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