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Battele’s 8th Annual Conference — Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds = another great success

May 29, 2012


Justin Conaway, Terra-Petra VP/GM and some of the Terra-Petra staff attended the 8th Annual International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds (presented by Battelle) — in beautiful Monterey, CA last week.  The conference offered 900 platform and poster presentations and panel discussions as well as 78 exhibit booths.  The goal, as usual, was to bring the latest information of the ever evolving industry while solving the difficulty challenges posed by chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds to environmental professionals.

The technical programs consisted of the following categories: Charachterization and Remediation, Trends in Environmental Remediation, Technological Advances in Physical/Chemical Remediation, Site Management and Closure, In Situ Chemical Oxidation/Reduction Technologies and Delivery Systems, Chlorinated Solvents, Technological Advances in Bioremediation, Green and Sustainable Remediation, Vapor Intrusion, Sediments, Compound or Site-Specific Topics and Metals.

The platform presentation that Justin found to be most interesting was presented by Julie Sueker of Arcadis. She presented a case study on the use of Isotopic Forensic Techniques for Methane Source Discrimination for a project in Texas where it was believed that hydrofracturing had released methane gas from an underground storage facility. Julie and her team collected several gas samples and conduct Carbon 14 dating to decide the age of the gas and ultimately where it had originated. Justin then had the opportunity to talk to Julie for a few minutes after the presentation. They exchanged business cards and he also got the chance to pick her brain a little more (for that, he was very grateful!).

The conference gave the Justin and the Team a chance to meet with and network with some old friends, CDM Smith, Amec, Tetra Tech, CETCO and Land Science Technologies.  They also had the chance to learn about new products and services provided by Cox-Colvin & Associates, Directional Technologies, Waterloo Barrier Inc and Dewind One Pass Trenching. All in all it was a very productive conference.

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