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Terra-Petra Moves Downtown–to the LA Methane Buffer Zone (of course)

June 14, 2012

June 1, 2012: “TERRA-PETRA MOVES TO THE METHANE BUFFER ZONE”…!  That’s right, we have officially moved our operations from our previous and original Claremont, CA office site to a new Downtown Los Angeles office right in the middle of the Methane Buffer Zone (Flower at 7th Street).

We figured that there was nothing more appropriate than to have an environmental engineering firm –that deals with methane mitigation on a daily basis— move into the LA methane buffer zone.  Our move was planned and executed so that we would have the opportunity to be closer to our Los Angeles client base. Our new office location will also enable us to respond quicker and enable us to get in front of our clients almost immediately. Not to mention that we are about 15 minutes from LAX (a faster way to get on a plan to serve our national clients).  Drop by and say hello.

700 South Flower #2580 Los Angeles CA 90017


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