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Three more Terra-Petra Inspectors added to the CETCO Hydroshied Certified Independent Inspector Program

April 26, 2013
Terra-Petra Alvaro Arellano welding Coreflex

Terra-Petra’s Alvaro Arellano welding Coreflex

Alvaro Arellano, Eduardo Rangel and Raul Ramirez attended the CETCO CoreFlex seminar that was conducted at the Gergen Construction office for upcoming projects in West Hollywood. Gergen Construction has been a certified applicator of the Coreflex system for some time.  However, Gergen has recently landed multiple projects that are requiring the Coreflex system with the Hydroshield 15 Year No Dollar Limit Warranty. As such, Gergen has needed to increase their labor force to meet the project demands.

Given that the warranty requirements for this system mandate that all materials are installed by welders certified by CETCO, training was needed. Additionally, CETCO requires that independent third party inspections be conducted by people trained and certified by CETCO for the Coreflex system.

CETCO had two representatives on site to train Gergen Construction people in the proper  means and methods of installing the Coreflex system. At this same time the three representatives from Terra-Petra were being trained and certified to inspect the Coreflex system. With the addition of these three, it now gives Terra-Petra a total of seven certified Hydroshield Independent Inspectors on staff.

With this number of inspectors Terra-Petra has the flexibility to cover multiple CETCO Hydroshied projects simultaneously.

Terra-Petra's Eduardo Rangel welding Coreflex

Terra-Petra’s Eduardo Rangel welding Coreflex

Terra-Petra's Raul Ramirez welding Coreflex

Terra-Petra’s Raul Ramirez welding Coreflex


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