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Terra-Petra invited to contribute to large transformation project in China

May 10, 2013


We were recently invited to take part in a significant project in China that involves “transforming 28 major cities” in various locations throughout the country.  This transformation involves building new infrastructure to bring the lower end cities up to par with the larger cities.   Terra-Petra has been asked to take a look at participating on some of the environmental projects that will be taking place within the smaller cities.

Terra-Petra’s President, Kevin Buchanan, along with other participants from other engineering firms, spent seven days touring through three cities that are going to go through this transformation.  The projects are driven by the new government leaders that are in now place and naturally the money is in place to fund these projects.

Buchanan spent the last few days in closing meetings to discuss these projects in detail, and how we may be able to take part and provide value and service.  It was a very exciting trip, and we met many talented people who will be directly involved with managing these projects.  Next steps for Terra-Petra will be determined this July or August.

More Photos on Facebook follow this link.

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