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Terra-Petra Inspectors oversee installation of subslab for Phillips 66 Los Angeles Refinery methane mitigation system

May 22, 2013

Terra-Petra Inspectors oversee the installation of the subslab methane vent piping at the new operations building B-654 at the Phillips 66 Los Angeles Refinery in Carson, California. The Los Angeles Refinery is composed of two linked facilities located roughly five miles apart in Carson and Wilmington, California, about 15 miles southeast of Los Angeles International Airport. Carson serves as the front end of the refinery by processing crude oil, and Wilmington serves as the back-end by upgrading the intermediate products to finished products. The Carson refinery is within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Los Angeles County Environmental Programs Division (EPD). The EPD is responsible for reviewing and approving methane mitigation system designs for structures built over or adjacent to any sites impacted by methane soil gas such as oil wells or landfills.  Terra-Petra was contracted to design the methane mitigation system for this operations building and is now in the process of Quality Assurance/Quality Control inspections of the  system as is required by the EPD.


subslab section blueprintGergen Construction is the contractor installing the methane system for this project. In the images below you can see the process from the Terra-Petra project details of the methane subslab vent piping system to the real field installations. The installation process starts out by digging the trench with the specified dimensions per the detail. An 8oz non-woven geotextile wrap is then installed in the trench. Once they have the material in the ground they will fill the trench with a layer of gravel about 4”-6” in depth, then the perforated pipe will rest on top of that layer of gravel. As soon as the piping is installed another layer of gravel will fill the rest of the trench and it can finally be wrapped and completed. The installation of the subslab sand and impermeable Liquid Boot Plus Membrane System are to follow. Follow the “photo journal” of the installation below (more to come).

phillips66reinerysubslab2phillips66reinerysubslab3 phillips66reinerysubslab4 phillips66reinerysubslab5 phillips66reinerysubslab6 phillips66reinerysubslab7 phillips66reinerysubslab8

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