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Terra-Petra Spotlight. . . Fernando Monay

January 21, 2014

Fernando Monay

Fernando Monay began working with Terra-Petra in September of 2007 as a CAD drafter. Throughout the years he has also been trained and certified as a Deputy Methane Barrier Inspector (DMBI) and has performed many inspections with this certification.

Having dedicated more than 6 years to Terra-Petra’s drafting and inspection services division, Fernando has worked his way up to the position of Project Manager. Fernando holds an Associate in Science Degree in Architectural Design and Drawing from Rio Hondo College. Fernando’s certified to inspect and design for all Los Angeles City and County approved methane barriers. He’s also a certified inspector for various waterproofing barriers and retains a 40 Hour Hazwoper (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) certificate.

His responsibilities with Terra-Petra include managing the flow of the design process–from the time a proposal is signed to when the finalized sets of plans are approved. This includes constant communication with our clients and managing the Terra-Petra drafting team to make sure that all deliverable deadlines are met.

Fernando is also involved in all construction administration activities including reviewing and responding to Requests for Information (RFI), submittal review and responding to general field questions. When the inspection division is spread thin Fernando also assists with inspection duties as a registered DMBI. Along that vein, on a more humorous note, while conducting field inspections Fernando recalls seeing some rather colorful poetry written on  a job site port-o-potty wall describing the activities that take place in said location. This had him laughing for days and as he says, some things can’t be unseen.

A typical work day for Fernando consists of responding to clients’ emails and phone calls, scheduling deadlines, coordinating with the design team and General Manager, and trips to the Los Angeles Department of Building Safety and other oversight agencies to deal with plan checkers to help bring plans through the plan checking process. The part of his job that Fernando enjoys most is the sense of responsibility that has been laid upon him to meet project demands and being a member of a successful team.

Fernando believes that Terra-Petra differs from his previous employer in that the company is much less political and “cutthroat.” He’s not in constant fear of being replaced or losing his job and enjoys the fact that Terra-Petra’s team willingly helps each other to succeed and get the job done. As Terra-Petra grows, he hopes that it will not lose sight of this small company mentality. To improve Terra-Petra as a company Fernando believes that better collaboration and cross-training between the design and inspection divisions should be established. This is a matter that we are looking to discuss.

One of the most important lessons Fernando has learned as a Project Manager is to respect everyone’s abilities and limitations. Additionally, he’s noted the importance of engaging and interacting with individuals appropriately – particularly “hot-headed” individuals.

In the next 5-10 years Fernando envisions himself still working for Terra-Petra and hopefully teaching AutoCAD courses at night. Fernando’s long-term aspirations include spreading his passion of designing through teaching, earning a Civil Engineering Degree from a university, and venturing from the environmental aspect to other aspects of the construction industry. When not at work Fernando is a family man. Married with 3 young children, he occupies his time doing anything and everything he can for his family. He’s also a video game connoisseur and enjoys keeping up with the latest technology.

Fernando has an engineering mind and has proven to be a hard worker that is eager to learn and understand anything he can about our industry. He is proving to be a strong project manager with an affinity for working synergistically with his drafting team to carry out all tasks that are assigned him. He also has any easy-going personality and a sense of humor that brings levity to even the most stressful situations and makes him well liked by the Terra-Petra team.

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  1. John Conaway permalink
    January 23, 2014 2:20 pm

    Very good Fernando. Didn’t know some of these things about you.

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