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Terra-Petra Spotlight… Daniel Valdez

March 21, 2014

ImageDaniel Valdez is Terra-Petra’s Director of Field Operations. Dan has worked for Terra-Petra since September of 2005. In charge of our Inspection Division, he’s responsible for all construction administration activities reporting to Justin Conaway, General Manager on the status and growth of projects.  Dan also organizes and coordinates Terra-Petra’s inspectors, and distributes and oversees jobs accordingly in order to keep Terra-Petra’s inspection team working and responding efficiently to all client requests.

Dan holds the highest number of construction-related certifications at Terra-Petra. He is a registered Deputy Methane Barrier Inspector (DMBI) and is certified for inspection of all approved methane and waterproofing barrier installations. He’s also completed the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Confined Space and 40 HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) training courses as well as the Refinery Safety Overview (RSO) training by the Occupational Safety Councils of America.  Dan holds site-specific orientation certifications for multiple oil refineries in Southern California and in addition to these trainings and certifications in Los Angeles County, he’s certified for inspections on behalf of the Huntington Beach Fire Department and the Orange County Fire Authority.

Starting his days with a morning coordination of all inspection projects, Dan communicates with all of Terra-Petra’s inspectors to check the status of membrane installations to oversee the workload.  Along with conducting inspections himself, Dan also attends site conference meetings, meets with superintendents, and responds to all installation questions from contractors and installers. Of course, he occasionally checks in at the office to provide feedback on designs and responding to requests for information.

Prior to Terra-Petra, Dan, like multiple members of Terra Petra team, worked in the pizza industry. He was the owner of a pizza business and worked day and night as well as weekends. He notes the biggest differences between his career with Terra-Petra and that in the pizza business is that he does not own the company, and Justin Conaway (Terra Petra’s General Manager) no longer deliver pizzas for him. These huge differences have made Dan appreciate his position at Terra-Petra. He now works a standard work week and finds himself working at many locations throughout the week. Although the constant commuting into and around L.A. would be hardly enjoyable to anyone, Dan appreciates that his position keeps him active and mobile!

Terra-Petra has given Dan the opportunity to spend the majority of his time working outdoors, which is the aspectImage of his job that he enjoys the most. Dan appreciates the construction environment in general as well as the relationships he has established over the years. He finds it very rewarding to have been a part of the construction process once a building has been completed.

Dan also notes the inherent danger of working in a construction environment. He recalls witnessing a crane tipping over and causing a worker to be impaled through the leg by rebar. From that experience, Dan knows the importance of being alert and respectful of heavy machinery, as well as to report unsafe working conditions as soon as possible to avoid injuries. He’s also learned to avoid certain areas of a construction site as much as possible–“Port-o-Potties” and outhouses in particular!

Dan spends his personal time playing softball, exercising, enjoying the outdoors, watching sports and finding good places to eat. He lives in Ventura County and as a single dad of two daughters, ages 16 and 12, he enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. He also hopes to one day be the proud owner of a canine friend.

In the next five to ten years, Dan sees himself helping to expand Terra-Petra’s inspection field. He plans to help Terra-Petra cover more ground in the construction industry beyond methane and waterproofing. Specifically, he sees the field of concrete as a viable route for the inspection division to explore. According to Dan, the single most important lesson he has learned while in his position is that more communication leads to better preparation and work progress. He hopes that Terra-Petra will continue to benefit from further implementation of this principle in exchanging information between design and inspection divisions. Over his nine-year tenure at Terra-Petra, Dan’s role and input have been and will continue to be crucial to our company’s growth and expansion.

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