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Terra-Petra’s philanthropic efforts appreciated in Huntington Beach, California

August 21, 2014

Over the years Terra-Petra has been involved with designing methane mitigation systems for many different types of buildings including residential, commercial, retail, multi-family, hospitals, police stations and the likes. On occasion we come across a project that promotes the welfare of others and we are eager to get involved. Such was the case when we received a request for proposal to design a methane mitigation system for a proposed single-story caretaker apartment building adjacent to an existing Kingdom Hall structure in the City of Huntington Beach, California. The caretaker building is being developed by the South Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a non-profit organization, for the purpose of providing conveniently located living quarters for the regional Hall overseer during periodic visits.

consultingAfter researching the project, we learned that the footprint of the proposed building falls within the 100’ radius of a pre-existing subterranean oil well.

This proximity to the oil well triggered the need for a methane mitigation system under the requirements of the Huntington Beach Fire Department City’s Specification No. 429. No direct work on the oil well will be required; however, contamination from this well, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), have potential to migrate through soils and contaminate the air of surrounding buildings. This contamination hazard renders the proposed building a ready candidate for a protective methane mitigation system.

The process of designing and permitting a methane mitigation system through the Huntington Beach Fire Department can be a very comprehensive and expensive process under the most favorable conditions. Knowing the South Congregation’s situation as a non-profit organization, so we elected to donate our services to design the methane mitigation system at no charge to the Congregation. We are very happy to have had the humble opportunity to provide our services (however minimal) and work on a project that will support the health and well being of so many.

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