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Terra-Petra welcomes Josh Heidt, senior waterproofing consultant and expert

January 29, 2015

Josh Heidt Senior Waterproofing ConsultantTerra-Petra is very excited to welcome Josh Heidt  aboard to continue our expansion of our building waterproofing division.

Prior to coming on board with us in late 2014, he started his career in the late 1980s working as a manufacturer’s sales representative for the Mirafi brand, which manufactures 15 different types of geocomposite drainage panels along with a cold and hot fluid applied system, blind side systems and more.

Over the last 25 years Joshn has provided building waterproofing consulting on specific waterproofing systems: below grade, under slab, between-slab, permeable and non-permeable air and vapor barriers, roof decks, vegetative roof applications, pools on podiums over occupied space, compatibility issues with different products, the detailing of area drains, pipe penetrations, waterproofing tie-ins and much more.

Read more about Josh Heidt on our website.

Contact Terra-Petra for your company’s building waterproofing needs!

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