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Terra-Petra plays a role in the proposed Los Angeles NFL Stadium in the City of Carson

August 18, 2015

Renderings released Monday, Aug. 17, 2015 show the design of the proposed NFL stadium in Carson. Courtesy of MANICA [via]

Renderings released Monday, Aug. 17, 2015 show the design of the proposed NFL stadium in Carson. Courtesy of MANICA [via]

Terra-Petra is excited to be involved in the process of bringing football back to Los Angeles. After over two decades of being without a professional football team, the city will (potentially) play host to two NFL teams: San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders (possibly three, including the St. Louis Ram’s possible relocation to the old Hollywood Park site in Inglewood, California).

For the purpose of the Chargers and or Raiders move(s), a nearly $1.7-billion stadium is proposed to be constructed adjacent to the 405 freeway in the City of Carson, California–atop an existing landfill. Terra-Petra has nearly 12 years of design work history with said landfill.

Originally intended to be redeveloped into a shopping outlet, the site has gone through many iterations of planned developments. Terra-Petra’s role throughout these iterations has remain unchanged and will involve designing a methane mitigation system to protect any structure constructed above the landfill from vapor intrusion.

As with all landfills, the soils on site have been left rife with environmental problems that are still quite a way from being completely remediated. Environmental cleanup will involve removing industrial solvents, heavy metals, arsenic, and pesticides which have compiled over the years. Another environmental firm with whom Terra-Petra has formed a strategic alliance will be in charge of the environmental cleanup of the site.

It is estimated that the remediation process is about 80% complete, which leaves about a year of environmental work left to be done. Once the cleanup is complete, the developer can proceed with installing the methane mitigation system.

At this point it remains unclear if the construction of this NFL stadium is a go. Terra-Petra, along with football fans across Los Angeles County, remains hopeful that the site is selected as the home of either one or two NFL teams.  It is clear, however, that a methane mitigation system will be essential to protect any type of building constructed on the site in the future.

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